Halestorm Southwest Motors Pueblo 2019

 This was my 2nd time seeing Halestorm, the first time was about 2 years ago at the High Elevation Festival. For that show I was pretty far back and it rained on us all day so I didn’t have the best experience then. However since they were coming to the State Fair in Pueblo I knew I had to go, the venue is 5 minutes from my house, it was indoors and I knew I would be able to get much closer than I was the 1st time I saw them. I also had some friends who were attending the concert that night so we met up with them once we got into the fair. Lucky for us they were pretty much in front of the line and they allowed us to stay there with them. We only stood in line for about an hour before they opened doors which was good because it was a hot day. There was a handful of people who were given early entrance (15 minutes) and one of the people we were with had one of those passes, so she got in before we did. Once they opened all the doors and we got inside, the friend who had gotten in early was already on the rail holding spots for the rest of us. We hurried to grab the spots and just as we did people ran up saying they had those spots. Then they realized we were with the person who got in early. We ended up just off to the left of center stage front row! Along with the friends we met there, my cousin and his girlfriend were also there. So there were about 7 of us total against the rail with the best spots in the house. As we were standing there waiting for the band to come out we over heard people talking about guitar picks being hidden throughout the venue. So we all started looking around the spots near us but never did find anything. After about an hour and half wait standing against the rail, the band finally came out!! The place had filled up and people were ready to get the night going! Halestorm played all their greatest hits including some of their newest singles like Vicious. Throughout the night they were throwing out guitar picks, and it seemed like they were constantly landing near us. Unfortunately I was never able to grab one until almost the end of the show when the guitarist threw one directly to me! After that my girlfriend was able to get one and before the end of the night I ended up with another pick and the set list! I did get some 420 videos although at one point security came up and told me to stop. They were cool about it, they just told me I couldn’t do that inside. If you listen closely to one of their videos you can hear him telling me that. The show itself was great! Halestorm put on an amazing set with like 15-16 songs (if I remember correctly). I am excited to see them again later this year when they come back to Denver with Godsmack! However I won’t be quite as close to the stage the next time I see them, but should still be a great show!!

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