Guns N Roses Chesapeake Energy Arena Oklahoma City 2019

Guns N Roses! What can I say they are my #1 band of all time! When I heard they were doing some US dates but not coming to Denver I had to find the closest place that I could travel to. That was Oklahoma City! So when tickets when on sale I of course bought mine. I got 3 tickets as I planned to take my girlfriend and my dad. Since we were driving we decided to leave the day before the show so we could have the whole day of the concert to do some sightseeing. We left Pueblo around 1 pm on Tuesday and headed south to New Mexico, then through Texas and finally reaching Oklahoma. The drive was around 9 hours and of course we made some stops along the way to gas up and get some 420 clips. I tried to do one at every border and only missed the New Mexico border. We ended up at our hotel around 10:30pm local time and after we got checked in it was time to fire up a bowl and have a few drinks. We were in the room for maybe an hour and really smoked it up! So when we opened the door you could see all the smoke pouring out of the room! It looked like the room was on fire so I did get a 420 clip of that and posted it on my YouTube channel. Knowing we wanted to spend the next day doing some sightseeing before the show we called it an early night which was midnight. The day of the show, we got up and did as we planned. First we got up to take advantage of the free breakfast. The night before we were joking about what they might actually have. It was pretty funny, because when we went to the room where they had breakfast it was pretty scarce. They had a two choices of cereal, some really old coffee, a few slices of white bread and a carafe of OJ! It wasn’t until we had sat there for a bit that the attendant went and got some muffins. We thought why didn’t she bring those out right away? We ate a few of them and then headed to McDonalds to get some fresh coffee. After getting ready, we headed out and saw some cool sights including two places that called themselves the River Walk, Sonic headquarters, and the Oklahoma City bombing memorial site. Most of the sites were downtown so we just parked and walked to all the places. I of course also did several 420 clips while we were out doing some sightseeing. After we finished that we headed back to the hotel where we could start getting ready for the show. I had rolled a wax blunt for the trip so I started by smoking that and having a few drinks while everyone was getting ready. I did a few 420 promo clips and was starting to feel pretty good. We headed to the venue with my pipe in hand loaded and ready to go along with a bottle of vodka. On the way we hit the convenient store to get a Slurpee to mix with our vodka. We got to the show early and did a little tail gating finishing the drink we had mixed up and doing more 420 clips. By the time we went in I was feeling pretty buzzed and still had quite a bit of vodka which I took in with us. We had also decided to skip the opening band since none of us had heard of them and wanted to hang out and wait for Guns N Roses to come out. When we got into the arena and to our seats we waited maybe 15 minutes before they hit the stage. They opened with It’s So Easy and never let up the rest of the night. I continued to drink and got really buzzed!! I was dancing and singing while I was recording and maybe 3 songs in security walked up to me and said that I couldn’t record. I waited until they walked away and then did my best to keep recording and to keep my camera hidden as to not get caught again. When security first walked up to me I thought they were going to say something about me smoking, lol. Because the song before that some stranger sitting behind me passed me a joint which I hit and did a 420 clip. Luckily they didn’t tell me anything about smoking and in fact this was the first show in a long time that it seemed like most of the people around us were all smoking. After getting a chance to roam around the city, it gave us the impression that it was really conservative, and you can only buy medical marijuana, so the number of people we saw smoking pot seemed out of character. But we were happy about it and since they didn’t seem to care about people smoking my only concern was not getting caught while filming. I am not sure at what point the booze really hit me and I was drunk! There are certain parts of the night I don’t remember. The pieces that I do remember is that towards the end of the show I was going to try and get down on the floor to get close to the stage to try and get a pick. In my drunken attempt I got my foot stuck in the seat in front of me as I tried to climb over it. And man did it piss several people off, and of course they called security on me. They told me to sit down or they would kick me out. I sat there for a song then told my dad and girlfriend I’d meet them after the show. I was determined to get a pick so I was going to try another way down. I walked to the other side of the arena and started making my way down to the stage. As I was approaching the stage the band was already finished with their last song and throwing stuff out in the crowd. I was close enough I could see Slash and he was just a throw away from me. He did in fact throw 1 or 2 in my direction but I wasn’t able to get them. After we left the show I met back up with girlfriend and dad where I did a few more 420 clips outside in the light rain, that I don’t remember doing! But one of them was really close to the police that were directing traffic, so you can see their lights flashing in the background! I apparently also did a clip in the Taco Bell drive thru! Though I don’t remember everything about that night I do remember most of it and that Guns N Roses put on an amazing show. I remember they played a few songs that weren’t on their set list and being excited to hear them. As I said before Guns N Roses is my favorite band and if I get a chance to see them again you know I will be there!! The following day when we left we did leave in a storm with lots of rain and heavy winds through Oklahoma and then snow with blizzard like conditions going through Texas. Once we hit New Mexico it all cleared up and we had no more issues for the rest of the day. So I did manage to get a 420 clip at the Colorado border! I’m glad I got to have this experience with both my girlfriend and dad! We are now talking about doing a festival next year!! That should be a lot of fun!

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