Great White – lake Minnequa Veterans Memorial Park Pueblo, Co

It’s not that often that we have a concert here in Pueblo. Most of the time we have to travel to Colorado Springs or Denver to catch a live show. When I heard that Crime Stoppers was bringing Great White to Pueblo I knew I wanted to go. I had put the concert on my calendar for July 24th and figured I would buy my tickets closer to the show. If I had bought my tickets sooner I would have realized I had the wrong date for the show. They were actually playing Pueblo June 24th not July 24th. Luckily I didn’t miss the show. On June 23rd an ad popped up on my Facebook talking about the show tomorrow. Thankfully Jess and I didn’t already have plans for Friday so we were able to make it work.

The day of the show Jess and I decided to have some drinks since we were in town, less than 2 miles away from the park where they were playing and we had a ride to and from the concert from my son. When we were getting dropped off they were just starting to let people in. Most of the people that were there before us had chairs and were a ways back from the stage. Jess and I were able to get a spot right in front of the speakers in front of the stage since we were just standing. Shortly after a few other people start to join us up at the front. While Jess and I were waiting for the opening band to come out she went and bought us some drinks so we could drink the vodka that I took in with me. After she got back I asked a guy who was walking by with a shirt how much they were. He told me they had 2 styles and the one he bought was $10 bucks and the other was $30. I thought that was the cheapest I have ever seen a band shirt at a show. I decided I was going to go buy 2 one for Jess and I. When I walked up the girl selling the merch told me they were only taking cash, no cards. I unfortunately didn’t have enough cash on me to buy them. I only had $9. I went back to tell Jess they only took cash and we didn’t have enough. She told me in order to buy the drinks she had to buy tickets because none of the vendors there were taking cards or cash. She tells me maybe they will charge your card and instead of giving you tickets they will give you cash for the shirts. I thought it was a long shot but worth trying. When I got to the ticket booth and asked no one knew if they could actually do that. After discussing it for a minute they decided to do it. I got $40 back in case the other shirt they had was $20 and decided I wanted that one instead. When I got back to the merch table the lady told me she sold out of the $10 shirts. Apparently they were shirts from last year and they only had a limited supply. She still had the other shirt but they were $30 each so I still didn’t have enough for 2 shirts. I ended up getting one and told Jess we could share it!

It wasn’t long after that the opening band came out just about the same time it started raining on us. Luckily it didn’t rain too hard or for very long. The opening band was a local band called the Martini Shot. They all came out in their Avalanche shirts as it was game 3 in the series for the Stanley Cup. The band themselves were good. All the songs they played were cover songs but they did a good job on all of them. During their set some of the band members came out in the crowd and walked around. Also during their set Jess noticed that Jay Sin from Gravel showed up and was sitting behind us. Between bands I ended up going up to him and doing a 420 clip and getting his autograph. He ended up coming and hanging out with Jess and I in the front for a little bit. Back to the local band as I was saying they put on a great set. Once they were done they gave me a pick. their set list and took a picture with me.

By the time Great White came on I was pretty buzzed and I continued to drink during their set. I was surprised that when they came out they had a new singer. It was some guy I was unfamiliar with. However, from what I remember, he did a pretty good job. I was doing 420 clips during their set and at one point the singer came up and took a picture with me. The guitarist ended up giving me a pick, I don’t think they threw many, if any, into the crowd so it was cool I got one. I don’t remember the end of the show but somehow I ended up with the band’s set list. Not only did I end up with the set list but I got it signed by the bass player. I even managed to get a 420 clip with my vape pen with him. You can see in that video I was really drunk. From there we had my son pick us up and take us home. The next day I couldn’t find what I did with the signed setlist and I lost a couple of my bandana’s including my 420 Chronicles one. In spite of all that, Jess and I had a great time at the show.

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