Ghost / Nothing More The Broadmoor World Arena Colorado Springs 2019

As I mentioned before this was night two of seeing Ghost and Nothing More. I was excited from seeing them the night before and knowing that we didn’t have to travel nearly as far for this show I was thrilled! Though we weren’t traveling the same distance we took my daughters truck since its new and so there would be no issues getting there or back. Again I had seat tickets so we waited until my daughter got off work then we headed up to Colorado Springs. Though we made a quick stop on the way out of town and luckily there was really no traffic so we made it there in plenty of time once again. Since we got their earlier we decided to hang out in the parking lot while I smoked a bowl before going in. When we decided to head in, it was about 7 and there was no line so we walked right in. After getting inside we were walking to locate our seats and ran into the friend we were meeting there. Unfortunately he was getting hassled by security for going out into the smoking section without getting an X placed on his hand. Luckily after explaining he wasn’t aware of the procedure they allowed him back in. We then headed to our seats and again with just about 10 or 15 minutes to spare. The seats we had were on the opposite side I had sat on the night before so that was cool to see the show from opposite sides. Not to complain, it would have been best to have seen it from the floor, front row! Anyway the seats we had were actually pretty good and where we were sitting there was no one in front of us just a rail. Since I had recorded the show the night before and posted the videos on my YouTube channel I decided to still record several songs from Nothing More but I also decided to go live on social media which I did a few times until I lost service. The band played the same sets as the night before which I totally expected but it was still the same great performance and some of the songs now seemed a little more familiar so I also enjoyed that a little more. Between Nothing More and Ghost as always we went outside to smoke where I did another 420 clip and also went live on social media a few times while smoking my wax pen and pipe. After we got back inside and to our seats, again we sat for maybe 10 minutes before Ghost came out. Again like the night before Ghost put on an amazing show! Playing the same songs which I was totally good with since there were a lot of good ones and all the ones I knew. I did record all the songs for their set again since we had a better view of them and the stage. As we got maybe three fourths through their set, security walked up to me and the people around me recording and told us to stop because the promoters didn’t allow the audience to record the show. After he walked away I turned my phone back on but tried to conceal it and where we were sitting it was perfect because I could hold the phone on my lap and still get everything with the occasional bar that got in the way. Of course, when security showed to tell us not to record anything, it was just before they played Mummy Dust. Of course it was a song I was targeting for a 420 clip. We went ahead and tried to get the clip but the phone was too zoomed in so you can only see part of the pipe. It’s not a great video by any means. I went ahead and still posted that along with the other 420 clips on my YouTube channel anyway though. All and all it was a fun experience to see them back to back nights. This year there are a few bands I have seen more than once but never back to back nights. I certainly wasn’t disappointed either night! If I had the chance to see Ghost again I would go for sure!

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