Everclear Philip S. Miller Park Castle Rock 2019

I had seen Everclear once before this show, many years ago at one of the piers in Seattle. When I saw they were coming to Colorado, just south of Denver in Castle Rock, I knew I wanted to go. I had never heard of the park they played at, Philip S. Miller Park, but it was actually really nice. The entire day leading up the the concert, it was raining and I thought we were going to either get soaked or the show would be delayed or cancelled due to the weather. Luckily, about an hour and half before the show, the rain had stopped and the sun had actually come out. For this show I bought general admission for the lawn, we ended up with a pretty good spot with only about 2 or 3 people in front of us. The place was pretty small, so really there wasn’t a bad spot in the whole place. There were only two bands that played, the opening act, which was Tonic, and then Everclear. I knew one song from Tonic, and didn’t listen to any of their set lists before the show, so I was pretty unfamiliar with all but their last song, “If You Could Only See’. Though I didn’t know any of their other songs, they did a good job of engaging with the crowd and their set was pretty good. Because there were only two bands they played a long set, with eleven songs total. Just as the sun was starting to set behind us, Everclear hit the stage! They came out and started with one of their big hits ‘I Will Buy You A New Life”! The crowd was immediately into it from that point on. However, I was honestly a little disappointed with their overall set. Yes they played all their hits, and in total played 17 songs, but I personally felt like the band didn’t have the energy they had when I saw them back in Seattle. I understand the band is older now, but there were times I felt like he wasn’t really into the singing. Don’t get me wrong, the show was still good, and I am glad I got to see them again, I just wish they had a little more energy with their stage presence. One of the best parts of their set, besides them playing all their hits, was watching them do their guitar solos, the lead guitarist and the singer took turns shredding a few riffs. All in all, the venue was a great place to see a show and the bands were entertaining. I would certainly go back to Philip S. Miller Park to see another show and I would certainly go to see Everclear again, if they were close enough and tickets were reasonably priced.

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