Drowning Pool at The Oriental Theater in Denver, Co. 11/6/22

This was my 2nd time seeing Drowning Pool this year. I think I have seen them at least 4 or 5 times all together. They always put on a great show. When they announced that they were coming to Denver and they were doing $5 tickets I thought this was a great opportunity to see them again and this time take all the kids with us. This was the youngest (Jacob’s) first ever concert and the other 2 it was their second. Leading up to the show they were all excited.

The Day of the show all the kids were up early and anxious to go. The 2 youngest put on their ripped-up jeans and used necklaces to create a chain wallet look. One of them had his mask which he used for a bandana in his back pocket, and they were ready to go. I ended up helping the other 2 cut up a shirt so they could also have a “bandana” for their back pockets. Once we were all ready, we left around noon because we knew we had a few stops to make along the way. We got to the venue about 2:30 to find we were first in line. In fact, we beat most of the bands to the venue. The only band that was already there was Drowning Pool. We watched all the other bands pull and unload their equipment. I wasn’t familiar with the other bands or their members, so I didn’t engage with any of them or ask them for pictures. Some of the bands seemed like they were also having a rough day with trying to figure out parking and it sounded like some other things. It was at least entertaining since we had nothing to do but stand there. We stood in line for 3 and a half hours in total and it was a cold day. It certainly was the coldest day we had to stand in line for a show since last winter. All things considered, the cold, the standing outside with nothing to do for hours but stand there, the kids did really good.

Once they opened door since there was no VIP at this show we were first in the venue and got to pick our spot which of course was right up on the center on the rail. What was funny is that another family with 3 young kids also got on the rail next to us. I am actually friends with them on social media and they told me they were heading to the same show, but I didn’t know we all would be taking up the rail. It was cool because all night all the bands gave the kids attention. Before any of the bands started Jess and Jacob went to get some merch. However, their card reader hadn’t arrived with the merch so we had to keep going back and forth to check when it arrived. I think it was maybe 30 minutes later or so when they finally got their card reader, and we got the merch. Jacob scored with not only a shirt but a hat too! He was all decked out in Drowning Pool merch! Which is cool now he can keep those and always have that memory of his first concert.

The first band hit the stage around 7 and they were called Antisaint. I had never heard of them before that night. They had a heavy sound but to be honest I couldn’t make out anything the singer was singing. It seemed like some of the people around us knew their music or at least really into them in that moment. They certainly had a lot of energy and were a good opening act. For their performance all the boys just stood there not sure if they should jump or yell. After that I told them this was the time to do that. Let all that energy out jump, sing and clap. They did start doing more of that as the night went on and they started feeling more comfortable. We managed to get a guitar pick from that band.

Before the next band came on Jess took Jacob to the merch table and had the drummer from Drowning Pool and some of the Antisaint member sign our tickets. The kids would end up going back and forth a few times to have other band members sign their ticket too! They ended up getting quite a few of them.

The next band was Tallah. Again, they were another band I had never heard of before. I did watch them when they arrived and had trouble parking their tour bus/RV. When they hit the stage, they had a lot of energy as well! The singer wore a pair of bunny ears for the set. While they were setting up the girl next to me had tried to give him a pair, but he already had a pair which are the ones he wore. The drummer in that band had so much energy he was standing up and banging on his drums. They were entertaining to watch. The keyboardist was also dancing all over with a lot of energy. They were certainly more upbeat compared to the first band. During their set I showed the 2 younger boys (Jacob and Ethan) how to ask for a pick when the band is looking at you. Their entire set Ethan waved his hand at the guitar player. He even asked him at one point do you want a pick? Then he said I got you, though he never did give him a pick. We did get a pick from the bass player and a couple drum sticks. At their end of their set Ethan asked the singer for a fist bump then asked him to sign his vest, which he did.

Otherwise, was the next band and the last one before Drowning Pool. I didn’t think I knew who they were until their final song “Soldiers” then I realized I did know them or at least that song. They also did a cover of Rage Against the Machine “Killing in the Name of”. For that song the singer jumped off the stage in front of Ethan then went over the rail and danced and sang with the crowd. Ethan thought that was pretty cool. During their set we got guitar picks and drumsticks. A couple of them were handed to Jacob and he thought that was the coolest. At the end of their set we also got one of the towels the bass player was using to wipe off his face. The band themselves put on a great show. Lots of energy as well and they had that place pumped up! The singer had a RAD shirt on “really awesome dad”. So, he also really gave the kids some attention. In fact, at the end of the night we walked up to them and got to talk to them for a few minutes. He thanked the kids several times for coming to the show. They were a cool bunch of guys!

Drowning Pool, what can I say, they were Drowning Pool!! This was my 2nd time seeing them as I said and over all 4 or 5 times. Every time I have seen them they bring it! They always put on a great show. They played some new songs and of course some old hits like “Sinner”, Tear Away” and “Bodies”. However, by the time they played “Bodies” the 2 youngest were siting against the rail sleeping. It was a long day and with the time change it was even later than it actually was if that makes sense. I was surprised they made it as long as they did. I’m sorry they missed “Bodies” because they were so excited for that song but I think all and all they had a great time. John the oldest got a fist bump from the lead singer of Drowning Pool and he said that was the highlight of his night. It was cool to take them to have that experience and I’m looking forward to doing more show with the kids in the future. As for Drowning Pool, I’m sure this won’t be the last time I see them and I look forward to that next time! Oh, I should also say that we got a guitar pick and a couple drumsticks from them as well.

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