Drowning Pool – Sunshine Studios Colorado Springs, Co.

When I heard Drowning Pool was coming back to Colorado I was excited and wanted to go. I saw them 2 other times before this show. Once at the same venue back in 2018 with my daughter. I saw them again last year 2021 at the Blue Ridge Rock Festival with Jess. They always put on a great show! though I didn’t buy my tickets right away I figured as long as I got them before the show I would be fine. Which was a good decision. 2 weeks before the show the local radio station Kilo 943 was giving away tickets all week. They were doing trivia questions during their rock lunch to win the tickets. That Monday I found the answer to the question (how did Drowning Pool get their name, which they got from a TV show). However I wasn’t able to get through on the phone lines. On Tuesday Jess and I were driving to get my passport and while we were driving we heard the question for the day, which was who’s birthday was it that day and the clues were a trash band. Jess quickly googled it and found the answer it was one of the band members from Blink 182. We both started calling to see if we could get through and Jess was lucky enough to not only have the answer right but they picked up her call! She won 2 tickets for Drowning Pool and a $50 tattoo voucher which she was excited about.

The day of the concert just as we were leaving town to head to the show it started raining and was real windy. The days before were so nice and warm but of course now that we were traveling and going to have to stand outside while we waited to get in, it decided to rain. While we were driving to the Springs the weather seemed to get worse and just after getting into Springs and we grabbing some food it started hailing. Thankfully once we actually got to the venue the hail stopped and it was only a light sprinkle, still windy and certainly cold. Luckily we only had to stand outside for about an hour before they opened doors. When we arrived there were only a handful of people already there in line. Including our friends Buzz and Carrie, it was nice catching up with them while we waited for the doors to open.

Once the doors opened and we got in, we made our way right up on the rail, our usual spot most of the time. I think we stood there for maybe 15 minutes, just enough time go to the bathroom and grab a couple of drinks. Jess and I had a few drinks while we were waiting in line outside, thinking that would help save us some money once we got inside, which it didn’t. We still spent over $100 inside on drinks. Needless to say we were feeling pretty buzzed most of the night. Anyway, it was about 15 minutes when the first band Death Ride hit the stage. I was a little surprised they started playing so soon there wasn’t even a lot of people in the venue, maybe 30-40 people total and not all were at the stage. Needless to say the band did a great job! The singer was full of energy jumping all around the stage and a few times jumping into the crowd, what little crowd there was. For one of their songs they brought their young kids up on the stage to dance around which was cool.

Evolution Empire was the next band to play and though I had never heard of them, I thought they did a good job of getting the crowd pumped up for Drowning Pool. Same with the next 2 bands that played, Head PE and Ill Nino. I had heard of Head PE but I didn’t know any of their songs. Needless to say all the bands did a great job of engaging with the crowd and getting everyone pumped up and keep them pumped.

Once Drowning Pool hit the stage, the crowd was pumped and ready! They played most of their big hits except 37 Stitches which I was a little bummed they didn’t play. However they did play some new songs and said that a new album from them would be coming out soon! He might have said when and I missed it. I just know he did say a new album was coming. I am curious to hear more songs off of it. From the couple they played last night I thought they were good. All and all it was a great show! Once again all the bands including Drowning Pool did an amazing job! I am not only looking forward to hearing more of their new songs but hopefully getting to see them live again in the future.

I did manage to get 3 set lists, 2 drum sticks and 2 Drowning Pool picks! These will be a great addition to my other concert memorabilia.

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