Disturbed / Breaking Benjamin at Ball Arena in Denver, Co 7/11/23

When they announced this tour, I knew that we would be going, since Breaking Benjamin is Jess’ favorite band. Not only did we get tickets the day they went on sale but she bought us VIP. The last time we did VIP for their show we just did the acoustic set not the on stage experience. So, when they came this time she was going to do the on stage VIP package but they weren’t offering for this show for some reason. So, our VIP package was like the last one we did. We got a draw string backpack with a water bottle, VIP commemorative ticket, koozie, hand sanitizer and a lanyard. Our package also included an acoustic set from the band. Everyone who bought a VIP ticket got to vote online for the songs they wanted them to play and got to submit questions. Even though we had the VIP package with early entrance we did our usual routine. The day of the show we left town early and got to the venue at 11:30. We were not only the first people in line for the VIP line, but we were the first fans there period. I was a little surprised there was no one already in line for GA. Could have been that the high for the day was supposed to be 95 and/or that there was another rock show at Red Rocks with Falling in Reverse and Ice Nine Kills. Either way we didn’t care we just wanted to make sure we had our spot at the front of the line for VIP. Thankfully we had shade the whole time, but it was still hot. I think it was after 2:30 when the first couple of people started to show up. In fact, I think the first person to show up was someone we knew from other shows. He didn’t have VIP but we hung out with us for while. As more people started to show up, I saw more people that we knew and didn’t know but recognized us from other shows. One kid even claimed to follow my weed reviews which was cool! It was sometime after 3 when the VIP crew came out and set up their tent to get us all checked in. We were supposed to be checked in my 3:20 but I think it was later than that before they got everyone inside. Once we were checked in they had us gather on the first floor, then they took us to the 3rd floor to this bar area where they locked up our phones. Once they got everyone there and gave people a chance to grab drinks then band came out. As they were still messing with the sound system they asked a few questions, Jess is pretty sure they asked one of the questions she submitted. After they did a few questions they were still trying to get the sound system working properly. I think it was Ben the singer who said let’s just unplug, go off the stage area and just have the VIP’s gather around and they will do a true acoustic session. So, that’s what they did. However, because it took so long trying to get the sound system working, they only played 2 songs instead of 3. I know Jess was bummed because she heard them say they were about to play Home, one of her favorite songs. As the band walked away, I asked the guitarist and bassist if I could have their picks. They both told me they weren’t their picks but they gave them to me anyway. One of them was plain but the other was a Breaking Benjamin one. After that they had us line up with the other Breaking Benjamin and Disturbed VIP people. They let the Disturbed VIP’s in first. Though before they went in one of the people in that group who was talking to us outside, he had also remembered us from another show. He tells me he will do what he can to help hold a spot for us on the rail since he was going first. Once they let us through I was in front of the line so I was first on the floor. I went to the center of the stage and asked if anyone was already there and I was told no, so I took that spot. Jess was right behind me so she took the space next to me and we both tried to make a little more room so we could squeeze 1 or 2 more people in. We managed to get 2 of our friends on the rail next to Jess. From there we took turns getting drinks or merch while we helped hold each other’s spots. Everyone around was pretty cool and had no problems with us going in and out of our spots. While we stood there I also made friends with the security guards. Some I had seen at other shows and some even remembered us. At one point I asked one of them if they could help me get a Breaking Benjamin pick for Jess that I would appreciate it. He said he would and during their set he did pick up a pick and he handed it to me, which of course I got for Jess. Before I talk about Breaking Benjamin’s set let me back up to the opening band.

Jinger was the opening band. I didn’t know much about them before seeing them live. I did know that the singer of the band was at the Sick New World festival and she came out on stage during POD’s set and sang with them. Other than that I didn’t even know any of their songs just that they were a heavy band. They were in fact just that. They had a hard heavy beat, and the singer had a heavy voice. I thought they were good. I didn’t catch their whole set as I left before they finished so I could use the restroom. After their set Breaking Benjamin was up next. As always, they came out with a lot of energy, they had the whole place jumping at times during their set. They played 13 songs in total and of course all of them hits. I think there was maybe 2 songs that I didn’t know. At the end of their set I had a pick thrown towards my area and the security guy I mentioned earlier, that’s when he picked it up and handed it to me. The guard next to him got the set list but he ended up handing that to someone else. I was just happy that we got another pick. Between Breaking Benjamin and Disturbed I ran to get drinks for everyone. I was trying to bring 3 drinks back and since I was by myself, I asked if they had a drink carrier. I was told no but that if I needed help that someone would help me carry them back. I told him I was in the pit on the rail. He said that’s fine. I was really surprised they offered this and not only offered but did it. He had another one of the workers help me and we walked through the crowd and made it to my spot. Throughout the night I also had security helping me get back to my spot. Whenever they saw me coming, they would tell the people to let me through, I have never had them do that for me before either but it was much appreciated. When Disturbed came out I don’t think there was a single person sitting in their seats. They played 18 songs (in total) with a guitar and drum solo as well. For their encore they played 3 songs. During their set when the singer performed A Reason To Fight the singer broke down in tears and gave a short speech about suicide prevention. He mentioned some of the singers we all have lost like Chester Bennington, Chris Cornell and a couple others. It was touching moment. For the rest of their set they kept things very upbeat. They had pyro throughout their set and even had their piano on fire at one point. As always I think all the bands did a great job and was glad I got to see them all. Especially since Breaking Benjamin is Jess’ favorite band. I think she had a good time, I know I did. I also have no doubt that we will see at least Breaking Benjamin again and wouldn’t be surprised if we saw Disturbed again as well.

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