Corrosion of Conformity The Fox Boulder 2019

I was really excited for this show, in fact I gave up my Rolling Stones ticket to see Corrosion of Conformity. This was going to be my 3rd time ever seeing them and my 2nd time this year! When I saw them back in February in Denver it was such an amazing show! If you haven’t read that review be sure to check it out! This show was located at the Fox Theatre in Boulder which I had never been to before. Not knowing if people would be there early to line up or not I left early to make sure no matter what I would get a good spot. Since I had tickets for this concert and the Rolling Stones (the same day) I gave my extra Stones ticket to my uncle. So he drove up to Denver with me and my girlfriend to meet up with my dad to attend the Stones while we went to the Corrosion of Confirmity show. Since we left early when we got into Denver to meet up with my dad we all decided to stop and have lunch at a burger place called Zig Zags. This was nice as my sister and niece also showed up to join us. This was the first time I had ever eaten at this place and would have to say their food was good and the service was great! Once we finished lunch we headed out and made our way to Boulder. Once we got there we were about 4 blocks away from the venue when I noticed this guy and girl walking down the street. They both seemed a little out of place for some weird reason and when I looked closer I realized it was Pepper the lead singer from COC. We ended up parking about 1 block away from the venue and once we did we headed straight for the doors to see if anyone else was lined up. Not only was there no one else lined up but about 10 minutes later I see Pepper and that girl walking across the street from us! I snapped a few picks of them walking but didn’t go over to bother them. Maybe about a half an hour after that as we were sitting in front of the doors you could see Pepper and the girl walking towards the venue right towards us. As they approached I said “Hi” to them both, the girl asked if we were there for the show and I told them yes as we wanted to make sure to get a good spot tonight. Then I asked Pepper if he would be willing to let me get a picture with him which he said was ok! I had my girlfriend do a video of the whole little meet and greet and snap a few pics from the videos. As he started to walk away I handed him one of the 3 joints I had rolled and brought. He thanked me for it and headed inside to do the sound check which you were able to hear from outside where we were sitting. I think sound check went on for about half an hour then Pepper came walking back outside with that same girl who I found out later is his girlfriend. I didn’t want to bug him again so I just sat there while he hung out with his girlfriend who was smoking a cigarette. After she was done she went inside and he went walking down the street. Knowing he had to walk back by I figured I would get a clip of me smoking with him in the background since I was too nervous to just ask him if he wanted to share the bowl with me. Needless to say I got the clip of him walking up as I was taking a toke. Maybe a half hour later I saw the bass player walk out of the venue and take off down the street. I figured he was going to have to come back the same way as well and I would ask him for a picture like I did with Pepper. After sitting there for a few minutes I thought, I wonder if Pepper is going to come back out and if so I could ask him to sign my COC shirt if I had a marker with I didn’t. So after further thoughts I decided to walk up to Walgreens and bought a sharpie in case I had the chance to get some signatures. As the afternoon went on I never saw the bass player come back and Pepper never came back outside at least to the front. However at one point we could see Woody from outside in the lobby and one of the friends I was with peeked her head into the door and asked him if we could get pictures with him, which he said yes! I again had my girlfriend take video of the whole meet and greet and got a few pictures from the video. Before he went back inside I asked him if he would sign my shirt for me which he did. You can see videos of that on my YouTube channel and my Facebook and Twitter accounts. After they opened the doors we were pretty much the first ones through the door and got our spot right up front center and just off to the left which is where I prefer to be. Surprisingly as people came in, the place just didn’t seem to be filling up. When the first band came out there was only small amount of people on the floor which was actually kind of nice. The first band Lo-Pan was ok but not super pumped and didn’t really get the crowd warmed up at least from what I saw. During the second band which was Quacker City Night Hawks I left to go see if I could get Pepper to sign my shirt since I heard he was going to be at the merch booth during this bands set. When I got there, there was only a few people in front me hanging out waiting for him as well. Maybe a few minutes later Pepper and Woody both came walking up to all of us. They didn’t go behind the merch booth but just hung out with all of us just talking. I approached Pepper and asked him if he would sign my shirt which he did! If only I had been able to get the bass player to sign it earlier but still happy to have two of their signature. It was totally worth going to buy the marker from Walgreens! After that I headed back to my spot and only saw one or two song from the second band so I don’t really know how good or bad they were. The songs I heard seemed ok but I also didn’t really notice the crowd much into them but maybe I was still riding the high of just getting my shirt signed. Crowbar was the band that played next and though I saw them once before, actually the last time I saw COC they also played as the opener band for them. I was still unfamiliar with their songs, although they have some good songs and music I had to put their songs up on my channel without titles. I may go back when I have more time and see if I can figure them out if someone doesn’t tell me them before then. During Crowbars sets I was starting to get a little buzzed since I was drinking for this show and for their last song I decided to try and get a 420 clip in the pit that was on and off throughout their set. I figure I would try with just the wax pen to see how things went since this was my first attempt at doing a clip in a pit. Seemed like as soon as I stepped into the pit it mellowed out, however I pushed with the people who were there and then took a hit off my wax pen. Maybe a minute later security came over and asked me not to smoke which you can also see on my YouTube channel. When they finished their set you could see the crowd was starting to really fill in more and everyone was ready for COC. While we were waiting another photographer walked up and asked if he could stand in my spot for just one song if he bought me a beer, which I agreed to! I figured I could let him have that spot and I would just go live on Facebook and Twitter during that song and record the rest for my YouTube channel. The first song they came out with was 7 Days and the crowd went crazy!! Their next song was King of the Rotten, which is a song I really like so when they played it I was very happy!! They continued with several hits which included Albatross, Shake Like You, Long Whip, Vote with a Bullet, Who’s Got the Fire and of course Clean my Wounds! I tried getting a few more moshing videos during Albatross but I didn’t think they came out all that great. For the very last song which was Clean my Wounds they played an extended version that went over 10 minutes. I decided to try and get my 420 moshin clips again! I started pushing and shoving then took a few tokes and went back to pushing and being pushed and shoved! The pit was still pretty mild but lots of fun to be in and try and get my clips. Was I able to get any clips? You will have to check out my YouTube channel to find out! All in all I am glad I went to see COC over the Stones and will certainly go see them again if and when they come back to Colorado.

Be sure to check out videos from this show and others on my YouTube channel!

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