chevelle / Three Days Grace at The Fillmore in Denver, Co 9/23/23

Three Days Grace is one of Jess’s favorite bands along with Chevelle. So, when I heard they were coming I knew we would go and more than likely get VIP, which we did. Even though we had VIP the day of the show we headed to the venue about our usual time and got there about 12:30. There were a couple people already in line for GA but no one for VIP which meant we were first in line. Not sure where the VIP was going to line up, we had to wait for someone from the venue to come so we could ask them. They told us where but asked us to wait about an hour before we lined up. So, we went and hung out with a friend of ours who was in the GA line. Before the hour was up, I noticed another person went to the VIP area and was hanging out. So, I went over to talk to him and he was there for the show. He also had VIP but he didn’t have the meet and greet like we did, he just had early entrance. It wasn’t long after that that more people started lining up. There was this one kid who we met at a couple of other shows who showed up as well. After they checked us in, we had to go through security. There I was thoroughly searched, unlike Jess. They found a couple shooters I had, a marker for the meet and greet and a couple mushroom capsules that my friend gave me. I tried telling them it was my meds and they told me I couldn’t take them in, so I just threw them away along with the shooters and the marker. Once we got in the venue they had us all gather together off the main floor where we were going to do our meet and greet.

For the meet and greet we lined up and one at a time we got to walk up to the band and have them sign one thing of ours. I had them sign my shirt I got the last time I saw them. After we did the signing we got to do a picture with the band, Jess and I took our picture together with them. After everyone got their pictures, we did a Q&A. Then at the end the band had some random trivia and they were giving away signed albums to the winners. The first question they asked was what bird lays eggs bigger than its brain. I managed to get my hand raised first and I said ostriches. They said that was right and gave me a signed album. Though after thinking about their question, I couldn’t help but wonder, aren’t all birds eggs bigger than their brains?! Anyway, I was just glad I won! After the meet and greet was over they had us stand off to the side while the opening band did their sound check. While we were waiting, we ended up talking to one of the security guys who is also a friend of ours. We know him from other shows that he not only worked but attended just like us. I don’t know how long we stood there but all the sudden the say we can go down to the floor, so I started speed walking to make sure I could get the best spot for Jess and I. Once I got to the rail I held a spot for her as she was walking on a broken toe so she was slower than me and for our friend who was still outside waiting to come in. While we stood there, I started making friends with some of the people around us to just help pass the time. While we were standing there talking the main security guy walked up to us and asked how things were going just in general. The guy behind us said he would like to be on the rail. The security guy asked if I was holding a spot for someone and if that was the case that I couldn’t. I have never had them tell me this before, but I wasn’t going to argue with him. So, the guy behind me tells his wife to move up and she tells him “no, that’s ok I can see just fine where I am”. He then said fine I’ll move up on the rail and I had to let him in. I was a little annoyed especially since his wife knew that was shitty move on his part. It didn’t matter because I was still able to make enough room for our friend once he did get in.

The first band to hit the stage was Loathe. I had never heard of them before but they were good. Had sort of a heavy sound, and the singer was pretty engaged with the crowd. The entire band had a good amount of energy. I think they played for about half an hour. It was the perfect warm up for the next two bands.

Before Chevelle came out our security friend told me that he helped us in the past get picks and set list so if we got a Chevelle pick he wanted it. I told him no problem, the first one we get is yours. I was hoping to get a couple picks but that didn’t turn out to be the case. I got no Chevelle picks. I was hoping to get him one as he said he has helped us in the past, so I was happy to return the favor. Though we didn’t get a pick we did get the set list thanks to that security friend of ours. As for the band, they were great! I have seen them a few times in the past at festivals but never got to see them from the rail. The singer did a great job of keeping the crowd pumped up. They played hit after hit. I think I knew most of the songs they played. The crowd sang along for most of the songs and were jumping around. Everyone seemed to be having a good time and I think most of the people were excited for Three Days Grace. There were some people who were being aggressive and trying to push their way up onto the rail. This girl behind us managed to squeeze on the rail next to Jess and caused one of our friends to come off. It was the kid who had come up to us and said he remembered us from other shows. Anyway, as I saw the girl start to push on Jess I traded spots with Jess and I started pushing that girl back. Her boyfriend behind her started saying something to me and I told him to back up. He continued to mouth off to me so after a few minutes I just got the attention of our security friend and he walked up and made the girl and him back up so our friend could get his spot back. Things seemed good at this point they backed up and stopped talking shit.

When Three Days Grace hit the stage the crowd went wild, people were jumping and starting to push. At this point that girl and guy started pushing again trying to make it back onto the rail. I don’t remember exactly what I told them but basically back up or we are going to have some problems. I stared straight into that guys eyes and told him he didn’t want to get into a fight with me and have a 50 year old kick his ass. He said something and then I just got the attention of our security friend again and he walked up and told those 2 if they did it again they would be escorted out. They asked him what about me, and he said all he see is them pushing so if they continue they are out of there. After that I laughed at that kid and made the crying baby motion then turned around and ignored him. He did say something else, and I think I did that gesture once more but I pretty much ignored him after that and later I noticed they either left or moved. The rest of the night was a great time. At one point they even brought some people on stage and everyone around Jess started pointing at her so she was one of the people who got to go on stage and sing Just Like You. After she sang with the band she managed to get a pick from the guitarist and made her way back to her spot. When she went up there my security friend told me she wasn’t going to make it back to her spot but she did without any problems. The band was great, they also sang hit after hit. The singer came with lots of energy and kept the crowd pumped through their entire set. The bass and guitarist were throwing picks out in the crowd left and right. Everyone around us managed to get at least one pick if not more. All and all I had a great time. I think so did Jess which was good since this was one of her top bands. I really wanted her to have a good time since she does that for me when its my top bands. Anyway, I’m sure this won’t be our last time seeing either of these bands and I can’t wait for the next time.

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