Candlebox The Summit Denver 2019

This was my first time seeing Candlebox live, but I knew a lot of their songs from when they first came out with their self titled debut album. I’ve always liked several of their songs, so when I saw they were coming in concert, I knew I wanted to see them, especially since they were playing at The Summit in Denver, which is a small and cozy venue. I got to the venue early, like usual, since I wanted to make sure I had a good spot against the rail. When we arrived, there was only one person in line, so we decided to go have lunch first and then get back in line. We ended up walking over to the Sixteenth Street Mall, which was only a few blocks away. By the time we got back, more people had arrived and we ended up being like tenth in line; however, I wasn’t worried and thought we’d still get a good spot, since not everyone wanted a spot in front, some wanted a table. We stood in line for about three hours before they were ready to open the doors, and once they were ready, the split the single line into two lines, which didn’t make much sense to any of us who had been in line for hours. The line I ended up in was stopped because the people in front of us had print at home tickets that wouldn’t scan, so they held up our line while allowing people from the other line to continue to enter. About three minutes passed before they pulled those people from line and resumed letting people enter, but by the time we entered, all of the rail space was taken except for on the very edge, so we decided to get a spot just left of the center, behind a couple of girls. While I don’t like the way the situation was handled, I understand that those situations are hard to control, especially because things are moving so quickly, but I wasn’t going to let that ruin my night. There was one opening band, “Decatur” and they were a local band from Denver. I had never heard of them before and while they’re not a band I would listen to regularly, they did a good job of getting the crowd pumped up for Candlebox. When Candlebox came out, the crowd was ready! They played their entire debut album in it’s entirety and then one song from each of their other five albums. To start, they played two or three songs from their first album before they started mixing in other songs. The singer talked to the crowd almost between every song, and at one point a drunk woman was pushing her way through the crowd and almost started a fight, so the singer addressed her between songs and told her to stop acting like an asshole! He encouraged the crowd to get along and enjoy the night of music and good times. After that, she calmed down and the crowd was ready to continue with the show! Another time he talked to the crowd was before he played, “No Sense,”  and said that the songs was dedicated to all the pot smokers! I hadn’t realized before then that there was a 420 meaning so the song, so while he was talking, I did a 420 clip and then I did another one during the song. I was able to get three other 420 clips throughout the night, during “Cover Me,” “You,” and “Far Behind.” Throughout the show, the band threw out several picks and at the end, they threw out handfuls of them! I was able to grab at least five or six of them. Several people around us watched as I did my 420 clips and I gave them business cards to check out my YouTube channel. The night ended fantastically when I went to the bathroom before leaving, I didn’t want to stop on the way home, as I passed the women’s restroom, a woman stops me and says, “don’t I know you? Aren’t you famous on the internet or something?” I don’t know if she really recognized me or if she was just drunk, but the possibility that someone recognized me from my clips and videos was really great! All in all, it was a good show and the band did a great job! If Candlebox comes back around, I would definitely go see them again! Be sure to check out my videos on YouTube, follow me on Twitter and Facebook as well!!

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