Bongs and water pipes are one of the most refined and entertaining ways to enjoy your homegrown cannabis smoking experience to its apex, as you catch the best of the most psychoactive experience.

It has become the most widely used smoking medium over the years, not just because of its tendencies to enhance satisfaction; but also because of its dynamism and flexibility of use. A regular bong today looks so different from the usual bamboo tubes used earlier; it can be crafted into different shapes to taste. 

Bongs are designed to help smokers enjoy the most of their smoking experience as they filter these smokes through the water to give a mild, fresh, and less harsh feeling than the regular rolling paper pattern. 

However, picking the best bong for you is not so much of duty and isn’t as picking a needle in a haystack; you need to know a few things about bongs and hence the kind that serves your purpose the most. Therefore, below are a few things you need to know about bongs.

How Bongs Work And How To Use Them

Bongs are very easy and efficient to use and come in different variants. Some come in complex forms, but a typical bong must have a bowl, downstem, and base. 

However, as highlighted earlier, bongs work with the mechanism of filtering smoke through water to give a clean, smooth, and mild smoke as smokers still get the usual hits.

The product is charged into the bowl, then light. As the smoke passes through the downstream to the base, you are expected to inhale it through the percolate to the mouth. There are different types of bongs to give the desired feel of highness over time but looking out for cheap bongs might not be the best option to get the best bongs for you.

Benefits Of Bongs

Scientifically, there is no proof that bongs eliminate risks of lung issues, but what is certain is the fact that it reduces the harsh feeling gotten from dry smoking tobacco, cannabis, or hemp directly from a rolling paper. 

Hence, when someone smokes weed instantly, she takes in the tar and ash together with the smoke, and this process is eliminated by the use of bongs as the water filters these tar and ash in the process, making it healthier to smoke with bongs.

Common Types Of Bongs

  • Glass Bongs
  • Plastic Bongs
  • Wooden Bongs

Type Of Glass Bong   

There are different types of glass bongs available today in most online smoke shops, and they are some relatively cheap bongs you can find online for sale. However, your choice of the best bong for you depends mainly on what you want and for what purpose you intend to use them for; personal or commercial. Today, there are many fancy bongs for sale, and each gives its peculiar features.

Below are some common types of glass bongs available in some online head shops today.

  • Bubbler Bongs 

Bubblers are more like a delicate kind of bong with a combination of pipe and bong configuration. It has a separate chamber for smoke filtering, known as the drop-down water chamber.

  • Percolator Bongs

Unlike the bubbler bongs that use drop-down water chambers for smoke filtration; it makes use of a suspended glass filter over the downstream chamber. Percolator bongs are very efficient and work well for cooling smokes and filtering toxins; as they make small rubble as you enjoy the hit from the bong.  

Percolators bongs come in various fabulous fashions, and each has its distinguishing features. Below is a list of some famous percolator bongs you can readily find on an online smoke shop:

  • Spiral Percolator Bong:

Key features: Designed to enhance the cooling of the smoke, spiral-shaped percolator, ice catcher and easy drag

  • Tree Percolator Bong

Key features: Multiple glass rods towards the water chamber, slits of the glass rods, so much diffusion due to the multiple glass rods and multiple slits

  • Inline Percolator Bong

Key features: Multiple Slits, Increased percolation due to slits

  • Honeycomb percolator bong

Key features: Small holes, Honeycomb shaped percolator

Mini Bongs

Mini Bongs are very portable and are thus fitted for personal use. If you need a cheap bong for your everyday use, then a mini bong might be the best option for you. Thought the only con is the fact that the glasses are very fragile and susceptible to break.

Scientific Bongs 

These are high-end bongs, produced from quality glasses like borosilicate and are ground to taste to any desired shape. Because of the quality of material used for its manufacturing process, there are relatively expensive and are the most durable types of bongs available in online smoke shops presently.

Other Types Include:

  • Big Hitter Bongs

If you need a bong with the capability to blow your mind with the best hits, this option is what you should go for. It is averagely bigger than a regular bong and thus can get you to the climax of your threshold even in one draw. So, if you want to get high quick, then the big hitter bong is one choice to try out.

  • Customized Bongs

These are bongs designed with lovely and well-crafted glasses to appeal to the eyes. Most customized or DIY pipes and bongs are basically for personal use and are designed to give the best of smoking experience to its users as well.

Side Notes

Generally, taking good care of your smoking accessories is one way to ensure safety and enjoy your smoking experience to optimum satisfaction. However, in as much cleaning your glass bong is very easy compared to bongs produced from other materials. 

One fundamental reason why glass bong are more effective than the rest is that you can easily detect when there are dirty and as well know when there are clean in the same vein. Make sure to replace water regularly to eliminate fogging and other health risks. Clean with alcohol or warm water after use.

Article Submitted By: Mikaela Smiths

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