Better Sex Life for Cannabis Users

Cannabis May Help Cultivate a Better Sex

Cannabis may be able to enhance sex, based on two new research studies. According to a recently published study by the Journal of Sexual Medicine (JSM), cannabis users reported having intercourse at a rate 20 percent higherthan those who never consume the drug.

The study, entitled Association Between Marijuana Use and Sexual Frequency in the United States: A Population-Based Study, was created to “elucidate whether a relation between marijuana use and sexual frequency exists using a nationally representative sample of reproductive-age men and women.”

The study involved 28,176 women and 22,943 men and was conducted by Dr. Andrew J. Sun and Dr. Michael L. Eisenberg, both members of the Stanford University’s Department of Urology. They analyzed data from the Center for Disease Control on the effect of cannabis on sexual performance and reproduction in men.

Marijuana use is independently associated with increased sexual frequency and does not appear to impair sexual function,” the study said according to Forbes.

Relationship Between Marijuana & Sex

A separate study recently published by JSM entitled “The Relationship Between Marijuana Use Prior to Sex and Sexual Function in Women,” set out to examine the impact cannabis has on women and their libido since the internet is rife with claims regarding the ability of marijuana to improve the sexual experience; however, scientific data is lacking.

Of those questioned, 29 percent admitted to using cannabis before intercourse. Of that group, 68 percent said cannabis enhanced their sexual experiences while 16 percent said it made sex less enjoyable. Of those who claimed cannabis enhanced intimacy, 72 percent said it always increased their satisfaction, while 24 percent said it sometimes enhanced the experience.

Dr. Monica Grover of Asira Medical is certified in both Family Medicine and Gynecology also researches the impact of cannabis on sex, though she was not a part of these particular studies.

Although some studies have shown results that are equivocal, anecdotally patients have reported positive feedback,” says Dr. Grover. “Consumption of small quantities [of marijuana] prior to sex may increase libido in female patients, which in turn can release positive endorphins and increase vaginal lubrication.”

Dr. Grover believes the link between cannabis and sexual enhancement may be linked to a decrease in stress. Women tend to experience a decrease in libido when they experience stress and anxiety. Cannabis may be increasing their sex drive simply by reducing anxiety.

However, Grover believes cannabis could increase anxiety over the long-term and is researching any potential links between cannabis and libido over a long period of time. Cannabis users have long claimed that it can enhance sexual experiences.

Several brands such as Foria and Sexxpot are already offering products aimed specifically catering to those seeking to combine cannabis and sex.

Article by: GreenCulturED

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