Awolnation / Badflower at the Fillmore in Denver, Co 10/7/22

I actually didn’t buy my tickets for this show until 1 day before. Which was a good thing because Lexi ended up having an extra ticket which she gave us so, we only had to buy 1 extra. The day of the show we decided to leave later than usual. We didn’t plan on being on the rail for this show. Lexi had heard (from Badflower groups on Facebook) a lot of people were going to be there super early. Though we usually get there early some of these people were talking about getting there in the early morning. Since we couldn’t make it that early ourselves, we thought we would just get there close to doors and whatever spot we got, we got. I think we left town around 3pm and we got to the venue around 5:30. We luckily found free parking about half a block away. As we walked up to the venue there were 2 lines. The general admission line and the express lane. Both lines were about the same with about 25 people in each. Instead of going to get in line right away we were going to grab some food at Wendy’s but their lobby was closed and we didn’t want to move the car and risk losing our spot to go through the drive-thru. Instead, we decided to go to the bar across from the venue and have a drink before doors. After having a drink, it was around 6:15 so we thought we would make our way in, however now the line was much longer and moving slowly. We ended up going back to the bar and having another drink to wait for the line to die down a little. After we had that other drink and went back outside the line was gone. As we were walking up to get through security someone said something like “I know that guy” and I don’t know why I turned to look but it was a guy I knew and only knew from and on Facebook. We go to a lot of shows too and we have been to a lot of the same shows, but we have never actually met face to face until then. It was cool to finally meet him in person since we had tried a few times, but it never worked out before. We chatted for a minute then Jess, Lexi and I made our way in. We first had to show our ID’s before going through security. Then we went through security and got our tickets scanned to enter the venue. From there we grabbed another drink and then got some merch. It was after that moment I had realized that I lost Jess’ ear plugs. I completely retraced my stepped and even had someone escort me back outside where they checked out ID. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find them, so she had to use some foam ones we got for free. After not being able to find her good ear plugs, we went out to the smoking section so I could take a few hits of my pipe.

By the time we made it inside from smoking we had missed the opening act The Mysterines. The place was filled in but not packed so we made our way down to the floor and started working our way through the crowd of people. I managed to get us about 2-3 people deep from the rail. This is where we stayed for all of Badflowers set. Except there last song when I took off to use the restroom. When I got back Jess and Lexi left and I held our spot and managed to get a closer. I talked the 2 people in front of me into letting me just get 1 elbow on the rail, so I was kind of sideways. A few seconds later I saw the security guy that I meet at Slipknot with his daughter. I figured he would be working since he usually works at most of the shows at the Fillmore. As soon as I saw him I grabbed is attention and started to talk to him. He hung out there the entire time we were all waiting for Awolnation to come out. While I was standing there talking to him I managed to squeeze in more and fully get on the rail. Once Jess and Lexi came back, I also managed to get Jess on the rail next to me before Awolnation came out. Before I talk about them. I should say Badflower was good however I was very surprised he didn’t jump in the crowd with his guitar as we have seen him do every other time we saw them. I wonder if it was because the crowd wasn’t very rowdy. Honestly through their entire set I didn’t see anyone moshing, there was no pushing, it was kind of a mellow crowd for a Badflower show. That is just what I speculate but who knows the real reason. Even though he didn’t jump into the crowd they still put on a great set. I was a little surprised that they didn’t throw out any picks, drumsticks, or anything from what I saw.

When Awolnation came on it was kinds of the same crowd atmosphere. There was no pushing or shoving with people trying to get closer to the rail. I did see 1 mosh pit break out but that didn’t last long. It actually looked like security might have jumped in and stopped it or they jumped in the crowd to remove someone. Either way like I said that most pit didn’t last long, and I never noticed another one. Though the crowd wasn’t moshing, jumping or pushing there were a lot of people around us singing along to every song. The band themselves had a good amount of energy on stage. However, we were right in front of the bass player all night and he never really looked at us or the crowd. He mostly stared down or at his band members. I tried to get his attention a couple times to ask for a pick, but he never looked at me and never threw a pick out. The guitarist on the other side did throw out a few but he never threw any our way or even close to us. Our security friend who is also the head of security told one of his workers that if he got a pick to try and pass it off to me. He only had 1 thrown near him and he was far away from us at that the time, so he ended up giving it to someone else. However, at the end of the show when they handed him the set list, he did pass that off to me. Awolnation, they put on a great show. I only knew about 4 of their songs but I thought they were better and more energetic than Badflower was. I really enjoyed their set and as I said it seemed like a lot of people near us were singing and having a great time. Were they best alternative band we have seen so far? Probably not but I would certainly go see them again if given the chance.

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