Avatar Black Sheep Colorado Springs 2019

This was my first time seeing and outdoor show at the Black Sheep and they had bands playing both inside and outside, but all the main bands played outside and from what I understood, most of the bands inside were local bands. Even though I had gotten to the venue early I ended up with 1 person in front of me, which was fine because the 3 people on the rail in front of me were all part of my group. I didn’t mind not being on the rail, Avatar wasn’t one of those bands that I absolutely had to see and be in the front row for; I mainly went to see them as I had heard they were a good band to see live and since they were playing in Colorado Springs, I figured it was worth going to see them. Some of the opening bands that we saw included Fall From Silence which I had actually seen before, they were a great first band as they got the crowd pretty pumped up and really engaged with the crowd; Hell’s Circus was the next band to play and they came out all dress in black with face paint, they seemed like a good band but throughout their set there were issues with being able to hear them clearly; and Devin Townsend who turned out to be one of the biggest shocks of the night. He came out on stage and told the crowd he was going to be doing a solo acoustic set, so when he first started playing I wondered to myself what was he going to play and how was he going to keep the crowd pumped up before Avatar went on. As he tuned his guitar on stage, he talked to the crown and described his experience since arriving in Colorado, then he started playing and singing, while talking, which I think was part of his songs. The more I listened, I realized his songs were actually pretty funny and he kept the crowd laughing throughout his set. Devin Townsend was definitely the surprise of the night! I did not expect him to be so entertaining! Once Avatar came out, the place went nuts! They started their set with one of their guitarists dressed up like a king and he rose up onto the stage, behind the drums, on a throne. As he sat there for a minute, with the crowd cheering him on, he began to play his guitar as the rest of the band members came out on to the stage and once the entire band was on the stage, they all broke out into the first song while the “King” stayed and played his guitar on the throne the entire time. Once the first song was done, he got up from his throne and made his way down to the front of the stage, were his throne was moved, he then continued to play sitting there in front of the crowd. By the time the 3rd song started, they had removed his throne and he went back to his usual spot on the stage just right of the singer, next to the bassist. Throughout their set the singer engaged with the crowd and took time between songs to talk to everyone and thank them for coming and being such great fans. I was only familiar with 2 or 3 songs, so I wasn’t real familiar with most of the songs they played but that didn’t matter, the energy they put out had me jumping and bobbing my head throughout their entire set. During their last song, they had bubble machines on the stage that started blowing bubbles all over the stage and the crowd. Overall, Avatar was fantastic and if I get the chance to see them again, I would certainly go!

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