Filter / Ministry / Alice Cooper / Rob Zombie at Fiddlers Green in Denver, Co 9/16/23

I have seen Rob Zombie a few times and I just recently saw Alice Cooper last year at the Blue Ridge Rock Festival. When I heard they were coming together I thought it would be cool to see them. Then when I found out Filter was one of the opening bands along with Ministry, I knew I wanted to go, I never saw Filter or Ministry. Filter was at the Sick New World Festival but I missed their performance because I didn’t want to give up my spot for System of a Down. Ministry I had won tickets to see them a few years ago but wasn’t able to make it so I was pretty excited for the show. I was hoping to get a spot on the rail for this show so when I bought the tickets, I debated doing VIP with early entrance but tickets were $500 each. I thought I’ll take my chances with regular GA. A few days before the show I got an email saying there was an express pass available for an extra $20 per ticket. So, I bought one for Jess and I. This express pass proved to be a waste of money, but I’ll talk about that in a minute.

The day of the show we got to the venue about 1130 and there was only 1 person in line. I was a little surprised there wasn’t more. About 15 minutes later a few more people came up and got in line behind us. Later in the afternoon we had a few of our other friends come and join us. As we got closer of course more people came and there was a pretty good-sized line before doors. We were first in line for the quick pass but as we were standing there, I had 1 security guy tell me it was worthless especially since I was already at the front of the line. To make matters worse they never asked me for my quick pass or anyone else’s so people who were lined up in the quick pass line got in with or without a pass and at the same time as everyone else besides VIP. I wish I had known that, or I wouldn’t have bought them. After we made it past the first security check point, they had us in another holding spot just before you went into the seating area of the venue. When I was talking to security he was telling me it was going to be a while because they were running behind. He also told us that if we wanted to go down and line up with VIP we could. So, we decided to split up. I had Jess go down below and I stayed in the same spot. Where she was lined up was closer to the stage so I honestly thought she was going to beat me to the rail. When they let us through I made a dash for the rail and managed to not only beat Jess but everyone. I was the first person on the rail so I got to pick our spot for the night. Once we all got our spots secured Jess ran to the bathroom and to get some food. When she got back I left to grab some drinks and to check out the merch. The merch line was crazy long. I debated not getting anything because I knew I would be standing there for at last an hour. So, I decided to walk up towards the front where I saw some people just lingering around. I walked up to one of them and asked if they were forming a new line, kind of joking but also kind of serious. The girl tells me no, but her husband is. I walked up to him and said you mind if I join you. Within 2 minutes we were getting our merch.

I thought the first band to hit was going to be Ministry and was a little surprised when it was Filter. Filter put on a great set. For the first couple of songs, they played their new songs then they played all their old hits including Take a Picture and Hey Man. For me it was a great way to start out the night. The energy they had was great. At one point the singer came off the stage and started singing over Jess and I while I took a few selfies with him. I certainly hope that I get the chance to see them again in the future.

The next band was Ministry and though I am familiar with some of their songs I don’t really know their music. Despite not knowing many of the songs they played they did an amazing job. The band was very energetic and the crowd really fed off that. People around us were singing and dancing and I think there was a pretty good mosh pit behind us at one point. They honestly keep the vibe going and really had the crowd warmed up for Alice Cooper and Rob Zombie.

Alice Cooper was also amazing. Just like the last time I had seen him he had a whole theatrical performance. He played several of his hits. For an older guy he still had a lot of energy. He was all over the stage, singing and even at one point getting killed. They put him in the galantine and chopped his head off. Of course they didn’t really but it was all part of his set. Not only did he have a lot of energy but so did all the band members. Several of them were throwing out guitar pick after guitar pick. Alice threw out his cane and his white pvc pipe which I managed to get. The guy next to me and I went for it, and he ended up going over the rail and I managed to hold on to it.

Rob Zombie, what can I say about his set. It was good and he sounded really good. However, personally I was a little disappointed that he didn’t do some of his other songs like Never Gonna Stop and another one I can’t think of the title off hand. Don’t get me wrong, his set was still good I just would have picked a few other songs to mix in. He of course also had a theatrical performance with robots and monsters on stage. I have seen him before a few times, but this was my first time seeing him from the rail. I certainly wasn’t disappointed and would love to see him again in the future! I also managed to get a few picks from his set which was cool. I even got a few and gave a couple to my friends around me.

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