Adelita’s Way at Sunshine Studios in Colorado Springs, Co 4/1/23

Adelita’s Way was a band I wanted to see for a long time. Seemed like every time they came through Colorado I either couldn’t make it or I found about the show after it happened. I did get a chance to see them last year but it wasn’t here in Colorado. They played the Blue Ridge Rock Festival last year, that Jess and I attended. Though they played a shorter set I was impressed with them and knew if I got the chance to see them locally I would. So when they announced they were coming to Colorado Springs I talked to Jess and we not only decided to get tickets for us but we decided to buy the kids tickets to take them with us. When they found out they were pretty excited. Ethan the middle child was super excited that Otherwise was going to be there as we had seen them last year with the kids when we went to see Drowning Pool.

The day of the show as usual we left early as we wanted to be first in line so we could pick our spots on the rail. We left town around 1 and got to the venue about 2. We were the first there to get in line. It wasn’t until about 3 when some friends of ours Buzz and Carrie showed up. When they got there a small group of people arrived after, maybe 8 people in total. They were all there for the VIP meet and greet. I thought great we got here early only to let VIP people go in before us. That didn’t end up being the case. After they did their sound check and meet and greet they all got kicked out of the venue and had to get back in line behind us. That was great for us, not so much for them. Had I bought VIP tickets I would have expected to have gotten early entrance over everyone else. Thankfully none of them said anything or pushed that issues.

While we were waiting outside, we got to see most of the bands arrive and unload their equipment. We got to hang out with some of the local bands. There was a couple of them I had meet before but Buzz knew them better and because of that they hung out with us for a while. While we were also standing out there the lead singer of Adelita’s Way came out and started talking to us. He even asked us if we wanted to get a picture with him. Jess was in the car eating so she wasn’t in the picture but the boys and I, along with Buzz and Carrie were all in the picture. I did manage to get a couple pics of me and Jess inside with the singer behind us singing.

Doors were supposed to open at 6 and the first band was supposed to start at 6:15. They didn’t even let us in until 6:15 and I think the first band Sabbatar hit the stage around 6:30. I had heard of these guys before but I had never seen them live. All and all they did a good job. There lead guitarist was good and he was entertaining to watch him jam on the guitar. The kids managed to get a couple sets lists and I think a drum stick. The next band was a “something” test. I didn’t catch the full name. This was the band I knew the guitarist, Zack who used to play with Gravel. He and his new band put on a good set. I got a couple of pics of him leaning on the rail just in front of John the oldest kid. He also gave him one of his guitar picks. Above Snakes was the next band to play and I thought they did a great job of keeping the energy going. I didn’t know any of their songs but they had a good sound and stage presents. Moon Fever another band I hadn’t heard of before this night. They also did a great job of keeping the energy going and keeping the crowd pumped up. Towards the end of their set someone from their group put on a dinosaur costume (T-rex) and he ended up jumping off the stage into the group. He jumped near me and I wasn’t ready or expecting him so he did end up falling. I felt bad but there was nothing I could do. Otherwise did a great job too! Just like the last time we saw them, they were great on stage and really engaged with the crowd. At one point the guitarist traided Ethan a pick for the sunglasses he was wearing and put them on for a min, then the singer grabbed them, put them on, sang for a few minutes with them then gave them to a little girl standing on the other side of the rail. The little girl gave them back to Ethan so that was pretty cool too! When Adelita’s Way came out everyone was ready! I thought they sounded pretty good and also had a great stage presence. The singer handed John a drum stick after talking directly to him. All the bands did great interacting with the kids and giving them set lists, drum sticks and picks. Unfortunately because they were running late they ended up cutting 2 songs off the set and they still end up playing until 11:30. I know I had  a great time and I’m pretty sure Jess and the kids did as well. Glad we were able to take the kids to another concert and hope we are able to do several other with them this year!

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