Aaron Lewis at Pueblo Memorial Hall in Pueblo, Co 10/16/22

Here is the thing about this concert. Last year Aaron Lewis was at Rockville and we saw his set. Even though he played as just Aaron Lewis he played mostly Staind songs. I thought he did a great set in Rockville. He did talk a little but not very much, he mostly just played music. So, when they announced he was coming to Pueblo I knew I wanted to go. It’s not often we get shows here in Pueblo and as I mentioned when we saw him in Rockville he was really good. Well, a week or two after he started his tour, I checked out his set list and was surprised to see he was playing mostly his own country music. He only had 2 Staind songs on his new set list. I was honestly a little bummed he decided to change it up and not play most of his music he wrote with Staind. Even so that wasn’t going to stop us from going since we had already bought the tickets.

The day of the show since we didn’t have to travel to Denver or the Springs we didn’t leave for the venue until about 7 pm. We took an Uber and got there about 7:15. The opening act was already playing when we got there. We didn’t go in right away. We hung out outside for a few while I smoked a joint. I also messaged a friend who was meeting us there. It was a guy we made friends with at the Limp Bizkit show. He bought his tickets for this show the same day we bought our so we could all sit together. He was already there at Staind but came out to smoke with me. We hung out there for maybe 30 minutes before we headed in to will call to get our tickets. Then we headed to our seats which were in the top balcony. Thankfully Memorial Hall is a small venue so there isn’t a bad seat in the entire place.

I only knew the 2 Staind songs that he played. The whole experience was different than what I was used to. Everyone stayed in their seats. No one stood up at all. I know he was playing an acoustic set but there was no real energy from him or the crowd. Not to mention he talked a lot and went on about his political views. I don’t mind when musicians take a few minutes to share their views but when they go on and on about it. I would much rather listen to them play music than talk about politics. It was still an entertaining show, but had I known he was going to play his country music and talk most of the time, I wouldn’t have bought tickets. It was still a night out, it was live music and I didn’t have to travel and I was with Jess so I still had a good time. The only real issue we had all night, was at the end of the night when we were trying to get an Uber and none were available. We finally got one but had to stand in the cold for about 30 mins.

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