3 Doors Down / Candlebox at the Fillmore in Denver, Co 7/25/23

This was a last-minute concert and the only reason Jess and I went was because she won tickets from the radio station the week before. So, because this was not planned out in advance and Jess had to work the day of the show, we didn’t leave town until 4pm. Since we knew, we weren’t going to get on the rail we decided we would take our time, not be rushed and get a spot wherever we ended up. With us having to go through Springs and Denver rush hour traffic we got to the venue right at 6:30 just as they were opening the doors. After we parked and walked up to the venue the line was wrapped around the building as far as we could see. So instead of getting in line we went next door to have a drink. We hung out at the arcade bar for about 30 or 40 minutes then we decided to go see what the line looked like. As we walked up you still couldn’t see the end of it. I asked one of the security people what time Candlebox was scheduled to start as they were the ones I was most excited to see. He told me 7:30 and when I looked at my phone to see the time it was 7:20. I thought there is no way we are going to make it inside before they come on stage. We decided to make our way towards the back of the line and as we were walking someone in line says, “this guy!” talking about me. When I looked it was a friend I know from Facebook. We stopped and talked to him for a minute then I asked if we could cut in with him. We was like its fine as long as the people behind him were ok with it and they were so we ended up getting in the venue right at 7:30 just as Candlebox was hitting the stage. Had it not been for my friend we would have probably stood in line for at least half an hour instead of just 10 minutes. As soon as we walked in, we went up to the merch and the line was also really long. I asked one of the security people if that was the only merch table and she says “yea, why are you in a hurry?” I don’t know what I said back but she then tells me if I was in a hurry she might be able to help. Not knowing what she meant I told her yea if she can help, please let me know. She tells me to follow her to the front of the line. She tells me to stand there for a minute then she tells the guy working at the merch table that we are next. After he was done with the person he was with he walked up to us and sold us the merch we wanted. I don’t know why she offered to let us cut but I was very thankful as we would have probably stood in that line through all of Candlebox’s set. After getting our merch and a couple of drinks we walked into the crowd and slowly started making our way towards the front. We ended up about halfway there then stopped and watched most of their set from there.

I’ve seen Candlebox a few times, once from the rail locally and then a couple times at some festivals. They always put on a good show, and this was no exception. This was their 30-year anniversary for their debut album and they played it in its entirety. I think he said there was only 1 song they weren’t going to play, and he didn’t say why. Throughout their set the whole band had a lot of energy and the singer was throwing cup fulls of picks out in the crowd. Unfortunately, we were just back too far from where the picks were making it. Just before their set ended some of the people in front of us started leaving to either get more drinks or run to the restroom, whatever it was it opened up some space in front of us so I moved us forward. Just then the singer grabbed another handful of picks and threw them out in the crowd, this time I was close enough to not only get 1 but I managed to get 2. I think it’s great when bands throw out a lot of picks like that. It really shows the fans they love our support and it makes it so that most of the fans up close get picks. Candlebox all and all did a great job and I certainly hope that I get the chance to see them again sometime in the future.

After Candlebox finished their set some other people left so we were able to move up even more. At this point we were maybe 7 people deep from the rail. It was closer than I thought we were going to get. Though I guess in moving up there was a lady we were standing next to who was upset with us for doing that. Before the band came on stage I went to the restroom and when I came back she gave me a dirty look and made some comments to me. I was a little surprised because the space I took was an open space not like I pushed her out of the way. Then there was some issues with a couple girls who were behind us and some guy. He started pushing them and they were getting pushed into me. I told that dude to chill out which he did, those girls ended up moving and that guy and I talked for a minute and we had no hard feelings towards each other. I even leaned over to the lady that was upset with me and told her I didn’t want have any issues and I would make sure not to stand in front of her so I didn’t block her view. We made peace and later as I moved up again, I even made space for her to move up.

With regards to 3 Doors Down. This was my 2nd time seeing them. I saw them at a festival I think last year. I only knew 3 of the 16 or 18 songs that they played. Jess knew a lot more than I did. As far as their performance they did a good job as well. Good energy and engaging with the crowd. Most of the people around us were singing along to most of the songs so people were having a good time. Not sure I would go see them live again unless it was at another festival or they were opening for another band. As I said before I was there mostly for Candlebox but both bands did a great job and Jess and I had a good time!

At the end of their set we walked up to the rail where I saw one of the security people I knew. As soon as I walked up to him he handed me a guitar pick from 3 doors down. That was pretty cool but even better, as we were there talking he was handed a set list which he also handed to me. Then he was handed more picks so he gave me a couple more, one of which I gave to the guy standing next to us. Like I said Jess and I had a good time, I was happy to get the picks and set list and I’m looking forward to our next couple of shows.

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