shaman’s harvest / Crobot – The black sheep Colorado Springs, Co

I have been wanting to see Crobot live but originally I wasn’t planning on going to this show. It was the night before the concert and my friend Buzz called and said he had 2 extra tickets and if I wanted them I could have them. There was no way I was going to turn down a free show and the chance to see Crobot. Even though they weren’t the headlining band and I only know 2 songs from Shamans Harvest, the headliner, I knew it would be a fun time.

The day of the show we got to Colorado Springs just before 5. Jess and I grabbed a quick bite to eat and got to the venue around 530. When we got there our friends Buzz and Carrie were already there. So was Brian another friend of ours from Pueblo. Shortly after that we also ran into one of my Twitter friends, Scott and his wife which was cool. While we were standing there in line you could see all the bands tour buses in the parking lot. When I saw the singer from Crobot I walked up to him and asked if I could get a pic with him which he agreed to.

Doors opened at 7 though they let VIP/meet and greet people in earlier. Even though they had about 20 VIP’s once they let us in we walked right up and got our usual spots against the stage. At the Black Sheep they don’t have a rail between the crowd and the stage so we were right against the stage.

The first band to play was Any Given Sin, which I had never heard of before. They were great live even though I didn’t know any of their songs. The singer and guitarist were very engaging with the crowd. The entire band had a lot of energy and I thought they put on a great set. They were a band to warm up the crowd. I also managed to get their set list.

When Crobot hit the stage the place went crazy! I think a lot of people that were there were mostly there for Crobot. I noticed more people wearing Crobot shirts than I did any of the other bands so I know they had a large fan base there that night. They started their set with the singer popping out of an egg. They had a cool stage with a sword in a stone and a demon face that blew out a lot of smoke. In fact we were right in front of that smoke machine and it was blowing right at us. The whole band was full of energy throughout their entire set. The singer was dancing and jumping around. The guitarist was bouncing his pick off of  everything he could including hacky sacking it off his foot back to his hand. At one point the singer got on the shoulders of the guitarist and sang while he played guitar. That’s something you don’t see all the time. I managed to get a couple picks from them including one that was handed to me by the singer. I also got one of their setlists. I have to say I was impressed with their show, I would definitely go see them again!

When Shaman’s Harvest came out they didn’t have the same energy that the 2 other bands had but they were still good. We actually only stayed for a few of their songs. Honestly I feel like I only know 1 of their songs, Voices, which they played while we were there. Just before we left I asked my friend Brian to grab me a pick from the microphone stand that was in front of him, which he did. That was how I got my pick from Shaman’s Harvest.

Even though we didn’t stay for the whole show, Jess and I had a great time, aside from having to deal with the asshole on the drive home who clearly had some road rage issues. Luckily we made it home safe despite him and his reckless driving. All and all I would say it was a great night!

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