Hells Circus at the Bomb Shelter in Pueblo, Co 10/28/23

My buddy Jay Sin has been in a few bands since I have known him and recently got into another new band called Hell’s Circus. I have actually seen them before as they opened up for Avatar, at the time my buddy wasn’t in the band. Since he has been in the band, I have been trying to make it to see one of his shows and it’s always been one thing or another. That has finally changed. Not only did Jess and I get to see him play but we also got to take the kids with us. The band was playing here in Pueblo out in the county at a place called the Bomb Shelter. It wasn’t an actual bar or venue it was just someone’s garage that they turned into a place for bands to play. Since it wasn’t an actual establishment, we not only got to bring the kids but if we wanted to drink it was a byob. We didn’t drink that night as we were both a little hung over and tired from the night before at Guns N’ Roses. Because of that we also didn’t get there early enough to catch any of the other bands that played. We just watched Hell’s Circus play and they were the last band to play. The band themselves put on a good set. There weren’t a lot of people there, maybe 10-13 but a few of them were pushing off each other in a little mosh pit. My buddy made sure he threw picks out to all the kids including ours. He came out in the crowd at one point while he was playing his bass and engaged with the crowd. It was cool to see them in such a small place and afterwards we got some pictures with him, us, and the kids. Though we were hung over it was fun, and the kids had fun. Clearly since it’s my buddies’ band, I am looking forward to seeing them play live again in the near future.

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