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New Section Added To My 420 Shop!! TANK TOPS!

That’s right, I have recently added tank tops to my 420 shop with several of the old designs and a few new ones! I will be adding more in the coming weeks. If anyone is interested in a specific design let me know and I can add it to the shop.

Thanks For Your Support!!

Dan’s 420 Chronicles Site Update

Hey everyone! I hope that everyone is staying safe! I know these are uncertain times and we have all heard that way too much! I’m not going to get into my views right now of what’s going on, instead I want to give everyone an update. This site was mainly created to post pictures and reviews of the concerts I was attending, but with all mass gatherings being put on hold there hasn’t been any new updates in that section. However there have been other updates such as new recipes that were added! I also added a new section to my 420 shop, which now includes tank tops. Not only that but I have also added some new designs! I will be adding more designs and recipes to the site over the next couple of weeks and months. So be sure to check back regularly to see what’s new! Hopefully we will all be allowed to attend concerts soon and I can resume posting pictures and reviews! In the meantime stay safe and high 420 family!!

How To Roll A Cross Joint & A Blunt Covered In Wax & Rolled In Keef

Check out the newest videos on my YouTube channel!

Cross Joint:

Blunt Covered In Wax and Rolled In Keef:

Newest Outtake/Blooper: