94.3 Kilo’s Cash Bomb

This last Friday I was lucky enough to get called by the local radio station to play their cash bomb contest. They give away prizes like a signed guitar from bands like Halestorm and Hell Yeah to Nintendo switches. They also give away cash up to $1,000, or you can bomb out and walk away with nothing. This is something the radio station has done for several years around this time of year. In order to play you have to get qualified, which they do throughout the month. You are able to qualify as many times as you are able to get through when they tell you to. I was able to get qualified 3 times in total. Of those 3 times 2 of those were last Wednesday and Thursday just before they played on Friday. As I was saying I was lucky to get to play. Want to know if I won a big prize or bombed out? Check out the video on my Dan’s 420 Chronicles YouTube channel

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